Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Vogue Festival: Saturday

(Shoes - Topshop £95, Jacket - Other Stories £65, Leather pants - Zara, Bag - HM £15, Black ripped Tee - Evil Twin £Gift from MarketHQ)

Was able to go to Vogue festival last weekened and attend two talks for free as my lecturer gave a couple of us VIP passes. Was a cool event, the talks were probably my favourite part as i'm not really into getting my hair or nails done or spending around £10 for a glass of Prosecco. Also the weather in London was amazing, so sunny!
The show I saw on the first day was The Philo Factor with Phoebe Philo creative director at Celine, did anyone else see this?
Will post day two soon! 

Friday, 21 March 2014

(Coat - Vintage gift from The Ragged Priest, Jeans - topshop £38, crop top - hm trend £22, side bag - hm £15) 

So i recently did a shoot for the ragged priest which was up in essex, a long way away for me for just one day but I was able to stay at my friends for the weekend in london and got the chance to visit the Isabella Blow exhibition before it finished, which was so so amazing! Also I was given this Coat from the team at Ragged Priest, chosen from the vintage section and i'm so happy as i've been looking for the perfect 'sheep skin' shearling for so long now. This ones majorly oversized and comfy so i can literally layer up which is beneficial as i'm always freezing. 

These photos are just from a weekend back at home for my dad's birthday. We went to a vegetarian/vegan restaurant as some of you know (who follow my tumblr i've been a vegan/80-10-10 eater for around a month now.
I've also made a blog for my journey for those who need help with food ideas especially when at uni - I was inspired to follow the 80-10-10 because of FreeLee on youtube, i'm pretty sure a lot of you will know her! (Raw till 4)

If you have any blog suggestions or tips for continuing this life style as it can get really hard some days with the lack of energy or not being able to eat enough then just leave some comments!

Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Pleather on leather two ways

(Pleather white tee - Motel, Leather skirt - Vintage, Shoes - Shellys London £85 gift, Fur Coat - Topshop, Maxi Cardi - Monki £45)

Different ways of styling my white pleather tee I got gifted from 9th willow! Plus this maxi cardigan from Monki is so practical for spring as i'm still not ready to let go of the floor length coat.

Wednesday, 12 March 2014

London weekend!

(shoes - Zara, jeans  - vintage (cut the bottom cuff off for this effect))

(jeans - topshop, shoes - windsor smith, waistcoat - topshop, grey turtle neck - vintage)

(Vegan food!) So happy as I'm trying to eat a plant based diet (3 weeks almost completed!)

Met up with Jenah again from

(coat - asos, shoes - topshop, bag - hm, jeans - new look, gloves - uniqlo, turtle neck - hm trend, kimono  - hm trend)

Biggest cookie ever

Eat about 5 in 3 days!

Just a few snaps from my friend and I's visit to London a weekend or so ago. We just wanted to shop, sight see and visit a few bars. As you may already know I literally only snap beautiful pictures of food, buildings or things i like in art galleries haha so apologies for the awkward posing, rushed outfit pics!