Friday, 31 December 2010

My tumblr name has changed to match my blog. It's just getting started so it's pretty crap but yeah.
My new Tumblr

Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Tokyo's changing my Inspiration

I'm currently hunting for the right pair of Doc Martens but i'm still unsure of which colour to get, ahhh help! It's between cherry, black, whiute or any other random colour!?!?!

Tokyo fashion is so crazy but loveable at the same time. It's a mix between cute and rock and roll. I'll see someone wearing a pink furry Hello Kity top with a black and gold studded leather jacket with long tassles then ripped tights, multicoloured floral socks with frills and then a pair of Doc Martens or biker boots. I love it though, there so daring and they pull it of soo well. Jealous of there shops and there amazing fashion!

(ps, i take no credit for these images..there all of really good fashion blogs i read)

Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Things I found in my grandmas closet

All this stuff is now offically mine, and a lot more! My grandma has about 20 closets full of vintage looking things from about the 60's and she hasn't touched them for about 30 years, so she said she'd ship the things i want over yey! Its quite suprising what you can find in old wardrobes becuase most of the clothes are designer and in really good condition. (And everythings free if its your grandma ;o)



This blazer is my grandmas and so is the large fur collar. She had two colars she didn't need so that saved me about 30-40 pound!


Saturday, 25 December 2010

Happy Christmas Bloggers

Yey, happy christmas everyone! What did you all get? I got money, cute pajamas, clothing and a new camera. Today was kinda weird becuase it didn't feel like christmas at all becuase im in Tokyo. But yeah i still felt a little festive with my furry dress and furry hat that i bought in Harajuku! It's the best place in the world for bargins, so go there if you ever get the chance. 

Friday, 24 December 2010

My new 'Kawai eyes' contacts!

These are my new contacts which are supposed to make you look Doll like. Everyone in japan was wearing them, i did think they were quite creepy at first but i really wanted some heheh. I think they make me look like an insect or an animal, not normal!

Yey finally found and nice and affordable foxtail!

Thursday, 23 December 2010

Toyko Photo Diary One

I seriously want to look like this girl!

Just a couple of photos from the past few days in Tokyo. I haven't had chance to take many becuase i only just got a new camera today but im officially in love with all the clothing and the japanese girls hair and overly huge eyes. The best shops are in Shibuya, they actually sell to many things its so hard to decide. I was so lucky to find so many different styles of Fox Tails for a reasonable price! Im going to Harajuku for the next to days to do some shopping before we go traverlling around Japan so anyway have a nice christnas everyone and ill try upload more photos as soon as i can!

Fringed Harmonies

I received an email of a woman called Annabelle Moore telling me that she's used my photo from Lookbook in her weekly feature called Fringed Harmonies on because she thought my outfit was one of the best I'd seen that week on the site. Here's the link:

I am actually so shocked, I seriously didn't think many people saw my Lookbook photos. Thank-you so so much!

Saturday, 18 December 2010

Style Journals and Tumblr

I've joined this new site called 'Style Journals'.
I'm also going to have a go with Tumblr and its going to be full of random but inspirational images I've saved.

What about sunrise what about rain

I'm overly obsessed with pictures of nature. I think most fashion comes from whats around us and the earth and all its colours gives people inspiration to what outfit their going to wear. Say if its a snowy day people generally wear white fluffy hats or big white furry coats. In autumn i swear the colours red, orange and yellow are so overly used. But maybe thats just me? Hmm, i'm just strange.

Also i cant get enough of Cosmic images and putting them on top of photos and blending them together.
I tried to do one myself hehehe. By the way, i do have a nose and a mouth, just blame my flash.